Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diablo Day 1 Disappointment

Well, it has to be said that day one was a disappointment for Diablo 3, even with the low expectations I had after the beta.  I thought that I was set with the installation last night and ready to play as soon as I finished work today...but alas, that was just the beginning.  From about 6pm until 10pm, I struggled through a cumbersome installation and re-installation troubleshooting trap, with the support forums getting me through one issue and onto the next.  The forums themselves even experienced issues, though, making even digging through the forums a frustrating affair.

I finally was able to get all the way through a re-installation and through the help of my forum buddies identify the original culprit -- a folder in the install directory that contained bad patch information.  Upon resolution, I was actually excited to be able to watch the introductory cinematic -- but, of course, the servers were down, and were expected to remain unavailable until 11:45 PM PDT, so I wasn't able to play.  That is just a little too late to start with a character (for someone who has to work tomorrow), so I'll need to wait until day two.

To everyone else more committed than I to getting in to play the game, best of luck!  I hope that you find the experience worth it when you finally get in!

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