Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day Gaming Meetup at Rainy Day Games, Beaverton

Lately, I've really had a hankering to get out to a boardgaming event, so I joined the Boardgames In and Around Portland meetup group and signed up for the gaming at Rainy Day Games on Father's Day.

I got off to a little bit of a late start, but packed up a few easy-to-teach games, since there weren't many people signed up, and I wanted to have games that I'm comfortable teaching for that sort of setting.  Then I headed out to Beaverton for a day of gaming!

My first impression of the store was very positive.  It was well-lit, well-organized, and had a great selection.  I even found several copies of games that I was waiting on a reprint (Eclipse and Jaipur) to purchase.  After browsing around, I picked up a game timer and Alien Frontiers, then headed back to the gaming area.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed by the meetup.  There were two tables with board games out -- and both were playing the same game (Quarriors! Quarmageddon).  Actually, I shouldn't say they were playing...one table was playing, and the other were taking a break between games and chatting with each other. Each game had  a full four players, and it seemed they were together as friends, anyway, so I didn't feel like encroaching on their game and seeing if I could get someone else kicked out in order to try it myself.

In addition to board games, there were a couple tables set up for minitatures gaming...not really my thing, but I can appreciate the time they take in preparing the terrain and their units, so I watched the battles for a bit.

Finally, there was a table for the Dragon Dice reps.  They were very passionate about their game, and spent a good deal of time explaining how the game was played.  They volunteered to let me play a game using their dice, but I just couldn't bring myself to play...again, although collectible games and dice games are both of interest to me, the dice themselves and the pace of the game didn't really appeal to me.  I may still break out some of my older Dragon Dice to see if I can figure it out, but I'm guessing it will never hold a strong appeal for me.

Before I left the store, I spent a few minutes talking to the employees.  They indicated that they usually have around 20 attendees for their meetup (vs. 15 that were there), and the meetups happen every other week.  Since they knew I was looking to get into a game, they recommended I check with some of the regular customers (who were on the store side) to see if they wanted to game -- but  by then, I was starting to feel a bit antisocial, and decided it was a better decision to just go home.

Regardless, I'll give it a try again on a future gameday.  The store is nice enough to warrant the trip, even if I don't end up playing anything.  

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