Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ground Kontrol Free Play Night June 14

Sorry for picture quality...I had some issues with camera use tonight
In looking for things to do during the rare week that I'm in town the whole week, I found that Ground Kontrol Arcade had a free play night on Thursday, June 14.  That seemed like a good chance to get back in and try out a lot of the pinball machines that I had missed in my brief stop during my first Portland Adventure.

It was a good time.  They closed down between 3-5pm to set all the games up for free play, and reopened with an age restriction of 21+ at 5pm.  I got there a little later in the evening, though it didn't really start to get crowded until about 9:30pm.  For only a $5 cover charge, it seemed like a pretty good deal.

The DK Dessert Dog
I played a couple of the Tron games and a lot of Pinball (even scored a billion points for the first time, on the Mars Attacks game), and tried out some of their unique appetizers.  I have to say that the DK Dessert Dog (a banana with peanut butter, bacon, and honey on a hot dog bun) is as bad as it sounds (the texture was just off), but the King Hippo (basically a grilled cheese on flatbread with bacon and jalapeno) was actually pretty good.  Unfortunately, because the tables all glowed from underneath, I wasn't able to get good pictures.

All in all, it was definitely worth the $5 cover charge, and I would go to future events there.  In addition to the free play evenings, they have comedy shows, gaming trivia challenges, karaoke, and guest DJs sprinkled in to keep things interesting.

The only down side to my evening was an education problem.  Because I stayed downtown so long, I ended up missing the last train back to the park and ride that I stopped at, and had to walk a few miles at almost midnight.  It was good exercise, the weather cooperated, and I never felt like I was in a bad part of town...but for a work night, it definitely extended the evening longer than I had hoped.  The schedule has been noted, and I definitely won't be making that mistake again.  I've even gotten a pointer on a better park and ride for future trips, just in case.

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