Monday, August 6, 2012

Day at the Ballpark

After getting off the train in Seattle and getting settled into my hotel (which was a bit of a hike, and it seemed all up very steep hills in both directions), I made my way to Safeco Field to watch a game between the Mariners of Seattle and the Rangers of Texas.

Safeco is a very nice field, with an interesting retracting roof that all comes from one direction (and hangs over the railroad tracks when it is opened.  When it opens, as it did just before the game, it even has a bit of a railroad feel, with giant cogs that pushed it along.  It also is right next door to Century Link Field (home of the Seahawks), sharing parking and the great location near the water.  Of course, that makes parking a bit less convenient, but that didn't matter much since I took the train and walked, anyway.

Inside, there were many options for unique foods, but I ended up just trying the chicken tenders, since that is what most of the people in our section seemed to be getting.  There was also a fish fry, sushi (selling the Ichiroll, while Ichiro still played for them; not sure if they still sell it now), and the expected array of sausages and other stadium fair.  It also happened to be Ichiro T-Shirt night, so we had a nice XL T-shirt to sit on for extra padding.

As for the game, the Mariners won in a bit of a blowout, even though I was expecting a pitchers duel, Yu Darvish vs. Felix Hernandez.  Hernandez ended up with 12 Ks in a complete game shutout.  I was rather surprised that they kept him out there the whole game, since they won 7-0, but it was probably a good choice for the fans.  Their fun chant was every time Hernanez had two strikes on someone, they would chant, "K, K, K, K" until the pitch was delivered.

A very fun time was had at the game, and I would go again.  I will probably not make another game until football season, though, when I'm hoping to get tickets to the Packers -- Seahawks Monday night game in September.